As volunteers, fosters, and animals lovers, we have seen first-hand the difficulties facing our City shelter. Too small a budget, not enough staff, limited resources, and a population of people who don't neuter their cats, who abuse or neglect their dogs, or who abandon older pets even though their chances of being adopted are slim.

We understand the City has many claims on its finances - subways, police, snow plows, education, the ill and the elderly. But it breaks our hearts that animals fall so low on the list. So we've decided to jump in and help with all our combined talents and strengths.

Animal Care Centers of NYC has its problem and there are many groups out there who will tell you about them. But we at PSA NYC believe that the best way to improve things is to work with the shelter staff in order to get the animals what they need. So we ask the staff what kind of chews the dogs like best, we donate Pill Pockets to make it easier for the animals to be given medicine, and we work with the foster, communications, and adoption departments to network and promote the animals and to increase the number of volunteers and fosters caring for the animals.

Because They Need Us.

PSA NYC is a pro-active community of caring individuals and organizations that make helping animals a priority. Please join us.

Donate to PSA NYC to buy enrichment items and other supplies to improve the lives of shelter animals. Items include: rawhides, squeaker toys, Kongs, catnip mice, KMR powder for kittens, pill pockets, rabbit chews, and other items essential to the health and well-being of the animals.

Give bedding and towels, canned food, office supplies, services and other resources.Contact us for pick-up/delivery.

Promote "Adopt Don't Shop": Encourage friends and family to adopt from local shelters rather than buying from pet stores - often supplied by inhumane puppy mills.

Volunteer with PSA NYC or one of our partner groups. Start a donation drive. Talk to your company about giving back. Post adoption flyers. Share and LIKE on Facebook. Bring Humane Education to your school (talk to us about starting a Club).

Help ACC. To find out about how you can Adopt, Foster, or Volunteer to work with animals in the shelter, visit our Helping ACC page.

Lindsay Bernal Freda, Founder/Director, is a current volunteer and foster, and a former employee of ACC. She has years of experience in fundraising and management that she hopes to bring to this cause. She studied Cat Behavior Counseling with the Humane Society in order to help more pets stay in their homes and has completed a Humane Education workshop with HEART. Lindsay is also on the Board of Directors of a PSA NYC partner organization, Pillows for Paws. She lives with her husband Dan, 3 rescue cats, and a rotating crew of foster animals.

    Who We Are and Why We Do It

Here's How You Can Help

Fight for Animals

Hundreds of animals are lost and abandoned every day in the city and nearly 30,000 of them (annually) end up at one of ACC's three shelters. Sadly, our City does not provide adequate resources to address this problem. With only 3 shelters for 5 boroughs, there is not enough capacity to handle all the animals in need. The City also does not work to reduce the problem by offering low-cost spay/neuter services, banning the sale of animals in pet stores, or practicing TNR to reduce the feral cat population. These activities are being addressed by independent non-profits. As voters, we need to tell our City to make animals a greater priority. It is up to animal lovers, like you and me, to push for change.

Tell City Hall that animals matter to you: