Our Shelter Mutt Makeover Project is an Adopt Don't Shop campaign designed to highlight all the wonderful dogs available at our city shelter, Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC), and all shelters nationwide.

We hope these adorable dogs will show the public that they can find the cutie patootie their heart desires at an animal shelter. 

Too often people insist they can only find the type of dog they want through a breeder or pet store. Sadly, we know that many breeders that supply pet stores and sell dogs online are profiteers, not puppy-lovers. Their animals are poorly cared for, over-bred, and dumped after their useful breeding time is up. Meanwhile, perfectly wonderful dogs risk euthanasia each day in over-crowded shelters. 

Support our Shelter Mutt Makeover Project so we can:

* Change the perception of a "shelter" dog by transforming scruffy mutts into stunning cuties.

* Encourage people to Adopt Don't Shop

* Shut down puppy mills and pet stores by removing demand. 

Say YES to making this life-saving initiative a reality by making a donation today!

Special Thank You to Bark Place NYC for their grooming services and advice and to Petra Romano Photography for her skill behind the camera.

All Shelter Mutt Makeover dogs have been adopted: Lucky, Venice, Daisy, Shah and Chance. 


Giving Shelter Dogs a Makeover