Your time is a gift to the animals whose days are spent in a cage. Become a volunteer companion for Dogs, Cats and/or Rabbits.
You will be rewarded with purrs and kisses!

Shelter animals are usually homeless through no fault of their own. It is frequently their person who has lost the ability to care for them.

Adopting from the City shelter saves lives!   Please Adopt Don't Shop!


Fosters take animals into their home on a temporary basis and give them the love, care, and socialization they need. And in return, the animals purr, romp, play, cuddle, and fill your home with life.

All the animals in our care have been ADOPTED!

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Animal Care Centers of NYC is one of the largest shelters in the country, taking in close to 30,000 animals a year. It is an open-intake shelter, meaning they take in every animal that comes to their door no matter the age, breed or behavior. Funding comes primarily from tax dollars, which is not sufficient to provide the most optimum care. We believe that it is up to the animal loving people of New York to step up and fill the gap. With your help we can make a difference in the lives of these animals.

Volunteer to be an animal companion, Foster needy animals in your home, Adopt your next furry family member, and Join Us in donating needed supplies to improve the lives of the cats, dogs, and rabbits living in the shelter.

We urge you to visit an ACC shelter. You will find hundreds of homeless animals stacked in cages waiting for homes and not enough volunteers, staff, or adopters to meet their needs. These animals deserve a chance at a full life. Working together we can improve care and save lives.

Because They Need Us.

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Animal Care  CENTERS of NYC


Who wants to play? WE DO!

Please donate to give a homeless pet a toy, chew, or other item essential to finding them a home.

Toys and enrichment items help reduce the stress of living in a shelter environment. This improves the animal's health and behavior, making it more likely that they will make it out of the shelter and into a forever home.